Benefits of Animal Therapy

woman cradling dog in arms

Did you know that spending time around pets can be a huge help to those with physical, mental, or behavioral problems? Here are a few ways that animal therapy can benefit you.

1. Focus
Those with learning disabilities or handicaps can benefit greatly from animal therapy as it encourages them to focus and exercise fine motor skills.

2. Self-Esteem
Caring for an animal establishes a sense of pride and accomplishment in a person which in turn can help improve self-esteem by boosting their sense on self-worth.

3. Blood Pressure
Studies have shown that being around animals can have a huge impact on lowering blood pressure therefore reducing the risk of heart failure and heart disease.

4. Depression
Anxiety, depression, and grief have all been vastly improved by the aid of animal therapy.

5. Chronic Pain
Those suffering from chronic pain can see improvement from the use of animal therapy. Exercise and interaction with the animals will take a person’s mind off their pain and provide a sense of relief.

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