Fall Exercising

exercise in the woods

The weather is changing once again and we have felt some chill in the air! Maybe you enjoy getting your exercise outside, but that’s easy to do when it’s warm. It’s a little trickier when the cold really sets in. Here are some tips on keeping healthy even when the weather gets cold.

First and foremost, talk to your doctor. You should always talk to your doctor before starting any type of fitness program, and you should also ask them about tips to help you while you exercise in the cold. Your lungs and other parts of your body can be affected by the drastic difference between the outside air and your body temp.

Second, layer up! Having lightweight, breathable layers are going to keep you the warmest and allow you to easily move. First start with a layer that will help wick away sweat. After that add other to trap as much heat as possible. The nice thing is if you get too warm you can always take layers off.  

Third, make sure you cover your hands, head, and neck! The layers won’t do you any good if those parts aren’t covered! Get your gloves, hat and scarf.

Fourth, actively warm up. You might be used to standing and stretching to warm up, but during the cold weather, do an active warmup inside. Do something else like light jogging, brisk walking to get your heart pumping, then go out.

Fifth, stretch! Yes, we said don’t at the beginning, but after your workout, you need to! Keep those muscles pliable and moving as you gently cool down.

If you notice that you are having difficulty exercising, speak to a medical professional about it and they will help you decide what changes are necessary to have you exercising better in no time! 

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