Health Care Plans

healthcare plans

Insurance is something that we all need, yet we rarely talk about or discuss, except during election years. Maybe that is because having healthcare insurance is something we do not think about until we need it! No matter what stage you are in life, a child, a young parent, or a senior citizen, having the appropriate healthcare coverage is particularly important. The Marketplace will be opening soon for 2021 enrollment, so we are going to give you a few tips to be aware of as you look for appropriate, and affordable, coverage. Use these tips, make sure you compare different plans, and choose the one best suited to your needs.  


  1. Many health insurance companies offer health insurance plans for senior citizens who are 65 or older. Some companies do offer policies to those who are 80 years and older; there are also companies that will allow an adult child to purchase for their elderly parent. Just try to get them covered for as long as possible. Also, note that some health insurance plans have limited ages when an elderly person can start coverage. 


  1. Be aware of pre-existing conditions. Some can be covered, but some may not. Remember as people age, they are more likely to have pre-existing illnesses, so check the number of illnesses that the policy will cover. Also, sometimes there is a limited timeframe that certain illnesses will be covered. Make sure you understand these terms and conditions before purchasing.


These two tips will go a long way in helping you find appropriate healthcare coverage for you or your elderly parent. No one wants to be on the hook for huge medical bills should the worst happen, so find what is best for your health!

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