Mount Vernon, Ohio's Premiere Senior Living Center

Since 1976 our family’s interest has been in meeting each resident’s and family’s needs. So, our senior nursing facility includes a wide range of services, including Skilled and Intermediate Nursing Care, Short Term Rehabilitation, Respite Care, Hospice, and programs specific to Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation.

Our registered and licensed practical nurses work closely with our Medical Director, Dr. Rajnish Gupta, and many other physicians and specialists in Knox County and surrounding areas. Also, our team of Physical, Occupational, Speech, Respiratory, Music, and Recreational Therapists provide outstanding rehabilitation services. Families are encouraged to attend care plan conferences to remain informed and involved. Most importantly, our staff of registered and licensed nurses and state-tested nurse assistants are carefully screened before employment.

Finally, Country Court’s Senior Nursing Facility is tastefully decorated, with attractive wallcoverings, carpeting, and recessed lighting. Also, comfortable seating areas are designed for the residents to enjoy quiet time and conversation with family and friends.

skilled nursing facility - mount vernon ohio -- senior nursing facility Knox county Ohio


Accommodations at the senior nursing facility include private and shared accommodations with climate control that are spacious and tastefully appointed. Also, the environmental services department maintains a pleasant, clean and secure environment. Therefore, beautician and barber services offer residents an opportunity to maintain their dignity and feel and look good.


All areas are constantly monitored for smoke and fire by our staff for the security and safety of residents. Nursing stations are equipped with a call system that allows our team to respond to the needs of our residents.
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