Keep Healthy With Our Senior Living Activity Programs

At Country Court, located in the heart of Mount Vernon, we’ve honed in on the vitality of engaging, enriching, and accessible activities for seniors.older couple consulting with a doctor for senior living in mount vernon

Our senior living in Mount Vernon offers a range of dynamic activity programs designed to cater to the diverse interests and capabilities of our residents. 

From Sensory Group aimed at residents with memory care needs to personalized sessions in smaller groups, we focus on stimulating every sense — touch, sight, smell, and sound. 

Whether it’s social interaction, group enrichment, or individual attention, our activity programs promise an experience that keeps both the body and mind healthy. Experience the difference at Country Court, your ideal destination for active senior living in Mount Vernon.

Sensory Group

Sensory Group is designed to meet the recreational needs of those residents with memory care needs. Also, a personalized group of 4-5 residents benefits from a smaller, focused setting. So, It provides social interaction, group enrichment and one-on-one attention. Activities are based on touch, vision, smell and sound.

Saturday Night Movie

This weekly activity at our senior living center is resident initiated and managed. Therefore, it is organized in the family television lounge on Saturday evening and features a resident-selected movie premiere and refreshments.

Monthly Birthday Party

The monthly birthday party is a celebration of all the resident’s birthdays being celebrated in the month. Family members and guests are always welcome to join in on the fun! Entertainment is provided as well as cake and ice cream.

Movers & Shakers

Movers and Shakers is an exercise group that has become very popular with the residents at Country Court. It is a program that is led both by the activity staff as well as the restorative nursing assistants. The exercises are set to music that only requires using the resident’s arms and legs while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

Want to learn more about the awesome senior living activities we have planned this month at Country Court? Make sure to check out our activities calendar here!