Housekeeping and maintenance services are conducted on a daily basis. So, housekeepers make every effort to schedule the cleaning of your room at the same time each day or when it’s convenient for each resident. Our residents never have to worry about unclean rooms – our standards create an atmosphere of cleanliness.


Transportation is provided by the Center for scheduled trips to town and special outings. In Addition, there is MOTA transportation is available at the Center. Residents will never have to worry about being immobile again. Country Court will attempt to cater to every transportation need for you and your family.


Laundering of personal items is included in the daily rate. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that our residents are always well taken care of.


There is an outgoing mailbox located in the front reception area. Mail is sorted and delivered to your individual room. All mail is confidentially handled.


Residents are encouraged to decorate their rooms with items from their own home. Please contact the nursing office for approval before bringing large items to the Center, or if you have other questions pertaining to room decorations. The maintenance department is happy to assist you with placing your belongings and making your accommodations to your liking.


Pets on leashes and updated vaccinations are welcomed and allowed in the building during visiting hours.


The Resident Hospitality Phone is a number people can call and the staff will bring the phone directly to the residents. This is great for residents who don’t have a cell You can reach this phone at 740-397-7064. If you are looking to contact us directly, please visit us here.


There is a computer with internet access available to all residents in the TV lounge.


Each resident may bring their own television to the Center. Basic cable service is available in each room and is included in the daily room and board rate.


Visiting hours are between 10:00 A.M. And 8:00 P.M. Other visiting times may be arranged at your convenience.


This facility is completely safe and secure with the installation of the following safety features:

  • Sprinklers
  • Pull Stations
  • One Level building
  • Fire Doors
  • Bathroom Grab Bars
  • Outside lighting
  • Emergency Generator
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Exit door and signs
  • Secure Care Security System

Beauty & Barber Shop

Beauty shop and barber services are available weekly.

Religious Services

Non Denominational services are held on a regular basis at Country Court. Special services are held on designated holidays. Religious programs are provided by the area churches. If a resident has a special need or desires counseling, please make arrangements with the Social Services Department.

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