Amenities Matter at Country Court

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Here at Country Court, we want our residents to be as comfortable and happy as any guest would be inside a home. That’s why we host an array of amenities to enhance the quality of life. Below are a few ways we assist our “guests” regularly!

We know that physical, mental, and emotional health can also be directly affected by spiritual health. Should our residents choose to attend, they can participate in religious services regularly and special services on holidays. Such services are provided by area churches and brought to Country Court, so travel is not needed.

Regular cleaning routines are necessary to promote healthy living. Cleanliness also promotes mental clarity, focus, productivity, and even sleep. That’s why our housekeeping and maintenance services are conducted regularly. This service includes detailed cleaning of our residents’ rooms at the most convenient time.

Technology has become the most popular tool for receiving and transferring information, which is why we provide a computer complete with full internet access, available to all our residents in the TV lounge area of our facility. We know that phones are not always accessible, so we must provide online communication solutions for our seniors.

These are only a few ways we frequently serve our residents with dedication! Our skilled nursing facility has much more to offer. Please visit our website if you’re interested in learning more about other amenities and programs. Thanks for reading, and check back next month for more!

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