April is National Gardening Month

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If you keep up with our social media at Country Court, you might have seen posts about our gardening club from the first week of the month. It’s an activity that many residents enjoy. You don’t even have to go outside and get dirty to participate in the different facets of gardening–take our “Peanuts in a Pot” craft, for example! With a bit of soil and the right supplies, it’s easy to turn a gardening hobby into a decoration or work of art.

Did you know, though, that April is National Gardening Month? This coincides nicely with many April observances. Think Easter and the beginning of spring: flowers blooming, bunnies visiting the garden, and new life sprouting. Then there’s Earth Day and Arbor Day: we plant trees to keep the air clean and make the world beautiful. Gardening fits right in! We at Country Court would like to share a few gardening tips with you, our readers.

If you’re starting small with some houseplants or microgreens, this is still important to the liveliness of your plants. Follow the sun! Be mindful about where you place your plants because they won’t be able to grow best in a shadowy space or cold room. Choose a spot, indoors or outdoors, where sunlight is broad and consistent.

Not all plants are created equal – research each species’ ideal watering schedule, temperature, drainage, and pruning. It will help to place plants with similar needs next to each other or in adjacent rows in your garden so that they receive equal treatment and sunlight.

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always try gardening crafts like our “Peanut in a Pot”! If you do, upload it to social media and tag Country Court on Facebook and Twitter so we can see your creations!

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