Country Court Amenities

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Discovering when it’s time to find an assisted living facility can be a rough road to walk. Finding just the proper care isn’t always easy too. That’s why, at Country Court Skilled Nursing Center, we don’t only offer you outstanding care from our specialized team. Still, we also provide many different amenities to prevent you from missing out on life. While staying with us, you’ll find this is the perfect home away from home for you or your loved ones!

Our facility offers up to thirteen different amenities for you to enjoy while reaching your highest potential as an individual. Some of these are important to have anywhere, like our safety and security measures. To ensure your safety, we make sure that we have the best sprinklers, bathroom grab bars, outside lights, pull stations, and more. Then we also have amenities to help you stay social and practice what’s important to you, like religious services that are held regularly or having visitors come to see you anytime from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm each day. We know that these amenities matter, and that’s why we want to ensure that everyone can still participate! We also have some amenities that will help you feel good. Like, our beauty and barber shop services, for example! Getting some extra love on yourself will help you look your best and feel like it too.

Can you believe these are just a few of our wonderfully offered services? We are proud to provide our residents with the best there is. That’s why we work hard so everyone else can focus on what matters most: reaching their health goals. If you or someone you love is interested in a place like ours to stay and feel appropriately cared for, visit our website today to see if Country Court is where you ought to be!

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