Enjoying the Snow at Your Home!

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With all the snow descending upon our area, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the snow from your home, either by yourself or with your other family members.

Snow Angels are always a favorite of everyone, young and old, whenever winter appears in their area. These beautiful shapes you can make in the snow pair nicely with other things you can make, including snowmen, forts, or a cutout area for your sled to speed down.

There are plenty of other ways to get creative in the snow as well, through snow coloring or drawing on the soft surface. Pick up a stick and work on your masterpiece carved on the unique surface. Then to add even more to your design, bring out the color. Grab a spray bottle with water and food coloring inside to give your drawing that spark that will catch the eye of everyone in your household!

Stay entertained as we get through this winter season and enjoy all the fun activities that come with the snow falling around us!

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kids building a snowman