Father’s Day Around the World

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The third Sunday in June is a special day for families around the United States. Since 1910, Father’s Day has become a time to reconnect with our fathers, thank them for raising us, and partake in family traditions with them. You may remember fishing or having cookouts with your dad. What do other countries do to celebrate the man of the house? Let’s find out!

In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated in September, coinciding with the first spring Sunday in the southern hemisphere. In Victoria, the local council even nominates a Father of the Year!

Just as in the US, Father’s Day is celebrated in June in Argentina. However, the actual date of this observance is somewhat controversial, as some parties advocate changing it to August 24. That’s because it’s thought that the Father of the Nation, José de San Martín, should be commemorated on the same day, as he helped bring independence to Argentina.

How about in Asia? Father’s Day in Indonesia is held in November. Still, surprisingly, it’s not nearly as big of a commercial holiday as it is in the US. However, Mother’s Day remains very popular.

One European country’s celebration of the day stands out: Germany’s observance of Father’s Day coincides with the Christian Ascension Day, a tradition with centuries-long roots. Men typically go for hikes or excursions and enjoy a beer together on this day.

In Africa, then, let’s look at a fun fact from South Sudan. Did you know Father’s Day in this country didn’t become official until 2012 due to the region’s independence?

Wherever you celebrate, your friends at Country Court wish you a happy Father’s Day spent with the ones you love most. If you can, reach out to Dad today!

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