Honoring Memorial Day

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Before you start relishing your vacation day on May 31st or planning your parties for that weekend, remember what the holiday is all about! Memorial Day is a solemn holiday that honors American soldiers and veterans and their sacrifices to serve our country.

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. While it came into place shortly after the Civil War, it was not officially recognized until 1971. (The Civil War has caused more loss of life than any other American conflict today.) In early observances of this May holiday, flowers and decorations–hence the name Decoration Day–were placed on the graves of fallen soldiers in cemeteries and churchyards. Today we still hold that standard practice, but t

he holiday has become more casual, with family cookouts, parades, and lighthearted gatherings.

We will indeed celebrate Memorial Day at Country Court because we’re lucky to have and know veterans among our residents and residents at other Levering management facilities! We’re thankful for everything they gave up to ensure our freedom, and now we have the immense honor of caring for them in their senior years.

This Memorial Day, we may be able to hold parades again, and it’s great to celebrate! But it’s also important to remember the occasion’s severity and celebrate respectfully. Thank the veterans you do have in your family and recognize their sacrifice. If you can, donate to a veterans society or volunteer at a local veterans center! The holiday may be about remembering the fallen. Still, it’s just as important to help out living veterans and make sure they have adequate resources.

If you know a senior veteran living in a skilled nursing center like Country Court, consider scheduling a visit at their facility to sit with them and let them know they’re appreciated. Our residents love having visitors!

happy memorial day