How to Age Well

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Everyone talks about wanting to “age gracefully,” but what does that mean? Is it about cheerfully accepting growing older and the changes that come with it? Or is it about trying to stay as youthful as possible — physically and mentally — regardless of the consequences? Or is it just about feeling good and staying as healthy as possible?

Staying vibrant until well into your 80s is not only possible but also common. Here are some helpful hints to help you age well.

1. Start Early

You have to take care of yourself before you hit your 70s. You can’t expect to have excellent health then if you aren’t taking care of yourself in your 50s and 60s.

2. Stay Active

A physically active body is a healthy body.

3. Keep Your Mind Active

Read. Do crossword puzzles. Learn a new language. Do something that helps your memory and keeps your mind moving. The brain is just like a muscle in that it needs exercising too.

4. Eat Right

Healthy foods help prevent obesity, diabetes, and other problems.

5. Be Proactive.

Many seniors hit retirement and don’t know what to do with themselves—plan for your future. Plan activities, have a part-time job for social activities, and travel. All of these things will keep life fresh.

6. Volunteer

Reaching out to help others in need brings purpose to life, and many seniors have more time to devote to those benevolent activities.

7. Be Positive

Maintain a high outlook on life. Changes will come, but the way you handle them will impact the way your life continues afterward.

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