The Importance of a Haircut

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Country Court Skilled Nursing Center understands the fantastic benefits of looking and feeling your best. We proudly offer beauty and barbering services to our residents once a week in our beauty shop. Here are a few reasons to keep up with your haircuts.

1. Split Ends

Contrary to popular belief, frequent haircuts will not magically make your hair grow faster. However, removing split ends will ensure less hair splitting and breakage, which will help maintain length. Regular trims will mean less drastic cuts to remove all your split ends.

2. Length

Frequent haircuts will help you maintain the hair length you prefer. Seeing your stylist on a regular schedule will establish an understanding of what you like in a haircut and how often you should schedule appointments for the best results.

3. Confidence

A fresh haircut is an amazing feeling! Knowing your hair is looking its best can be a huge confidence boost. Choosing a stylist with a good knowledge of face shapes and hairstyles can be very helpful when deciding on a cut that best suits you.

Elderly residents need more care and attention than some may realize. Allowing them to experience regular haircuts and salon services is a great option. Experiencing chronic pain or dealing with illnesses is highly stressful, and treating yourself to a bit of me-time can significantly improve morale.

Country Court Skilled Nursing Center would be happy to discuss available options. Call us at 740-397-4125 to learn more about our services or schedule a tour of our beautiful facility.

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