The Path to Restoration

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If you’ve ever endured any difficult challenge in life, you may know that it is hard to see outside of the pain and obstacles faced each day. The path to restoration may be difficult, but you may also know it is possible. This is especially true in the context of rehabilitative care that is designed to strengthen us over time. We may not see the progress, but we know it will be there in the end.

We want to encourage you and your family if a loved one is going through a challenging physical illness or debilitating situation: it gets better, especially with a team of professional and fully-equipped healthcare professionals on your side. Our team has credentials in speech, occupational, and physical therapies, so they are always ready to help your loved one with whatever comes their way.

Some of the programs we offer include stroke recovery, general pain management, strength building, prosthetic training, and caregiver training. While we do our best to provide excellent healthcare here at Country Court, we know that our patients wish to return home as soon as possible, so we like to train families to take matters into their own hands. After all, our seniors’ independence, confidence, and sense of wellness are what we’re after.

Want to know more about our practical solutions to a better, healthier life for your loved one?

If so, please visit our website and learn about the resources we have available at our facilities. Stay tuned for more information about our facility, and check back next month for updates!

nurse with elderly resident enjoying the outdoors