Nurturing Heart Health: The Comprehensive Healthy Heart Program at Country Court

Nestled in the serene landscape of Knox County, Ohio, Country Court stands tall as a family committed to the advanced heart healthcare of our aging seniors. Our Senior Healthy Heart Program — a manifestation of our dedication and expertise — serves as a fortress against elderly heart disease while nourishing senior heart health.healthy heart program Mount Vernon Ohio -- Knox county ohio

Home to Healing — Post-Hospital Senior Heart Care

We understand that the journey back home after a hospital stay can be rocky, but not at Country Court. Here, we’ve weaved a warm and restorative system of post-hospital care that gently guides our seniors back to health.

At Country Court, wellness is more than a state — it’s a way of life. Our health and fitness initiatives bear the promise of resilience and heartiness. Complementing these, we educate our folks about battling heart conditions, equipping them to champion their golden years with vim and vigor.

And finally, Country Court isn’t just the name of a senior care center, but a family that upholds supreme heart healthcare. Come and learn why our Senior Healthy Heart Program is the talk of the town in senior care in Knox County, Ohio. Take the first step to a heart-healthy journey with us at Country Court, where each heartbeat matters.