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campfire fun event with our residents at country court

Spring into Sunshine: Gentle Outdoor Activities For Seniors

As winter’s chill melts away and spring’s warmth begins to caress the landscape, seniors have the perfect opportunity to refresh their spirits and engage in gentle outdoor activities. Spring promises rejuvenation, growth, and happiness, which is why we’re strong advocates for spending time in nature at Country Court, especially during this lovely season. The outdoors […]
senior residents enjoying dinner together outside

The Cornerstone of Senior Care: Nutrition at Country Court

At Country Court, we understand that the golden years should be enjoyed with the best health and happiness. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in ensuring our residents live and thrive. Our commitment to providing delicious, nutritious meals to our seniors is integral to our comprehensive care model, emphasizing the importance of dietary nutrition in senior […]
senior rehabilitation facility mount vernon ohio -- Knox county Ohio

Navigating the Journey to Recovery: Senior Rehabilitation at Country Court Skilled Nursing Center

Recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery can be challenging for seniors. With their health and mobility on the line, compassionate, skilled nursing care is paramount. One name in Knox County stands out in providing exemplary rehabilitative services for the elderly: the Country Court Skilled Nursing Center. This blog is dedicated to seniors needing rehabilitation […]
healthy heart program Mount Vernon Ohio -- Knox county ohio

The Senior Healthy Heart Program: Heart Care at Country Court Skilled Nursing Center

Achieving Optimal Heart Health for Seniors at Country Court Maintaining excellent heart health becomes crucial in the golden years of life. Country Court Skilled Nursing Center understands and addresses these demands through a well-designed Senior Healthy Heart Program. The program targets heart health for seniors and supports elderly individuals in leading a strong, fulfilling, and […]
senior rehabilitation facility mount vernon ohio -- Knox county Ohio

A Home Away From Home – The Premier Senior Rehab Center in Knox County

Country Court Skilled Nursing Center: A Haven of Compassionate Care  In the heart of Knox County, a special place exudes the warmth and comfort of home. This place is Country Court Skilled Nursing Center, known for its unique blend of advanced healthcare services, compassionate care, and a soothing environment. Establishing itself as the premier senior […]
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Memory Care at Country Court Skilled Nursing Center: Finding Comfort and Compassion

A Comprehensive Discussion on Memory Care at Country Court  Hello to all! Today, we broach a topic that could be relevant to some of our lives as we age. It’s not uncommon that memory-related issues like Alzheimer’s or dementia come into play as we get older. It’s a challenging experience, not just for those suffering […]